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We are AML Architects — Valeria Lapteva's Architecture Studio.

We create a far from boring space for life and business with attention to detail.
The Far East is a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures, Japanese culture in particular. It is the foundations of Japanese constructive and aesthetic solutions that we try to cultivate. This is defined in our attitude towards beauty, objects and design in general. We try to convey the perception of beauty in its naturalness. For example, using long-lasting materials that age with grace.

We always try to build friendly, creative relations with our clients. Dialogue is important to us. We try to take into account all business requests and financial conditions, also we do not strive to realize our own ambitions at the expense of the client.
Our team creates esthetical and simple projects based on the principle of reason: expediency and economy.
No abstract ideas, only solutions that work.

Architecture is primarily the creation of an environment for specific purposes. Beautiful — it's when everything is in place and exactly meet the budget of the client. Of course, our team loves high-quality materials and creative flight, but we get no less pleasure from the thoughtful layout of the bars on the wall of an outbuilding.

We practice a team approach both in the studio and in organizing interdisciplinary collaborations. And, of course, it is important for us that our projects are feasible, so we think through carefully every detail.
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Corporate group
Edelweiss development
SK Sistema
specialized Development company
Restaurant chain
Hypermarket chain
Shopping Mall
Fil Development
specialized Development company
Noviy Dom
Homebuilder & Construction company
specialized Development company
Restaurant chain


Valeria Lapteva
Studio founder & CEO
Mikhail Pokrovskiy
Maksim Efimchenko
Studio chief architect. Partner
Anna Shatunova
Deputy director

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