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"Echo" Restaurant

Renovation and refurnishing project for a restaurant located in Khabarovsk.
This project is the reconstruction of an old building in Khabarovsk and converting it into a large modern restaurant with rich functionality and technology inside. The original object - a rectangular in plan, one-story brick house of the early 20th century with a strict symmetry of the facade. There are a few similar houses along Volochaevskaya Street. Given these neighboring buildings we were tasked partially separate the object from the context.

The basis of the conceptual design solution is white plane-screens which are located in front of the old building and behind it. The spaces formed between the new walls and the existing house made it possible to add extra space needed for the conceived restaurant technology. By locating newly formed spaces on separate bases around the original building its structure was left without major interventions.

The new planes-screens contain combination of textures (steel panels, glass, perforated sheets) resulting in translucent layers that evoke a desire to look inside. At the same time the historical brick is not completely hidden. Moving through the entrance space along the wall with exposed historical brick, the guests have a feeling of being outside, while they are actually inside the building. In the main hall the natural light comes through circular skylights in the roof. Part of the pavement in front of the entrance is paved with old bricks from the same historical property. All these methods allowed us to blur the boundary between the interior and the exterior.

In the evening a large abstract projection from the street is directed to one of the frontal planes, giving an additional opportunity for a dialogue between the object and its surroundings.

The interior was designed by Vladivostok studio LPTV DESIGN.
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Restaurant facility
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Khabarovsk, russia
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