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Business-class residential building in Vladivostok
The business-class residential building is located in a dynamically developing area of Vladivostok on the Cherkavsky Peninsula, near the Golden Bridge and the Mariinsky Theater.

The planning structure met the main requirement of the client: the need for all apartments of the building to view the Zolotoy Rog Bay to the north. It was also important to respect the norms of insolation. The overall emotional silhouette - the result of the architectural solution in a system of constraints - refers to the image of basalt columns. Inspirational objects are structural geometric bodies created by nature, the elements that have come to the surface in the form of regular polyhedrons under high pressure. The most famous example of such elements is the "Bridge of Giants" in Ireland. There are similar unique geological formations in the Shkotovo district of Primorsky Krai. The interaction of forces of nature and its elements gave the building its name and image.

In the limited space of the adjoining territory, all the nuances of the external environment are thought over: recreation areas, playgrounds, and sports grounds. The conceptual idea is supported by the landscaping. The plants, such as maples, ferns, and pines chosen for greening, give a feeling of walk in the woods. This vegetation can be found in the Primorsky taiga.

In addition to the development of the main site, about 4,000 m2 of adjacent territory was designed: multi-level transits, improvement of the adjacent territory of the two neighboring houses, geotechnical developments associated with the location of the site on steep rocky terrain among the dense residential neighborhood.

The building itself has three floors of underground parking, 19 residential floors, and commercial public premises for the needs of the residents: a coworking area and a gym.

The main facade materials are large-format aluminum composite panels of various textures and color; curtain wall system.

The renderings were made in collaboration with O.Works.
Project type \\
residential building
living area \\
6 024 m2
location \\
vladivostok, russia
total area \\
13 940 m2
year of implementation \\
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