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"Pryaniki" Residential housing

Business-class residential buildings complex located in the suburbs of Vladivostok.
The business-class residential buildings complex is located in the suburbs of Vladivostok. The residential housing has 54 apartments. On a land plot of 6,123 m2 there are 5 two- to four-story buildings placed on solid semi-basement volume where the parking lot is provided. Also, commercial public spaces, such as a store and a gym, are built into the lower part of the complex.

On a small plot the effect of a self-sufficient mini-town with a main street and small courtyards is created. The residential units are distributed along the perimeter of the site, but the block is not closed that leaves the architecture permeable. The northern part of the inner yard is protected from the winter winds - this helps to create a sunny pocket and enhance the comfort of being outdoors. Given that almost all the developed space is structurally located on the roof of the parking lot special attention is paid to the greening, which in addition to the connection with nature, performs an important function of zoning the private and public spaces.

Particular attention has been paid to privacy. Thus, the perspective of each residential window is chosen to minimize eye contact with the windows of the neighbors.
The apartment terraces are separated from the public space by panels of wooden slats arranged in a complex rhythm.

The interiors of the halls and entrances look more like home than a public space thanks to ceramic tiles, flowers, mirrors, decorative plaster, and custom-made images of local flora used in the decoration.

Facades of the buildings are made in white glossy brick and natural wood cladding panels.
The combination of these colors and textures was chosen in the initial architectural concept as a reference to the image of gingerbread, which is associated with warmth and coziness. Thus, together with the conceptual image the name of the residential complex was created.

Photo by Alexander Khom
Project type \\
Residential building
Living area \\
5 885 m2
Location \\
Vladivostok, Russia
Total area \\
12 725 m2
Year of implementation \\
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