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Multifunctional office building located in a dynamically developing area of Vladivostok.
A multifunctional office building is located in a dynamically developing area of Vladivostok on the Cherkavsky Peninsula. The conceptual idea of the project is to depict the seashore of Primorsky Krai. The main part of the facade is composed of curtain wall system that allows for the maximum amount of natural light to enter the building and provide for the conversion of interior spaces in the future. Patinated copper panels, which have a turquoise hue similar to the color of sea water, are used as an accent.

Rounded stones from the sea coast are used to zone transit space along the faсade. Junipers, endemic to Primorsky Krai nature, are planted in concrete flowerbeds. The reddish-brown landscape design elements refer to rust, a natural element of the seaside landscape.

The project also includes the development of the interior of the entrance groups and common facilities.

Photo by Alexander Khom
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vladivostok, russia
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