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Restaurant located in the historical center of Vladivostok.
The restaurant is located in Vladivostok's historical center, in one of alleys of the “Millionka”, the neighborhood where Chinese citizens lived for several decades at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. It is Russia's first “Chinatown” in the early 20th century.

A fusion of Eastern and Western cultures is a striking feature of Vladivostok's architecture. The history of the place dictated its main image: a jewel box painted in gold on black lacquer. This image is recognizable in the culture of both Russia and China, the melting pot for which was Vladivostok in the early 20th century. Gold painting in this case is a volumetric geometric pattern, made from a metal frame, which is detached from the main facade.

The guest space is divided into an inner hall and an open terrace, where there are individual seating modules, alluding to the image of the "city in the city".

The facade of the main hall is glass. Its sliding elements allows the space of the hall and the street to be connected in the summer. The gap between two levels of the roof above the main dinning space and the daylight flow through it create a feeling of a hovering ceiling and the effect of permeability of the space, literally surrounded by historical layers.

The interior was designed by the Vladivostok studio LPTV DESIGN.

Photo by Alexander Khom
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Restaurant facility
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vladivostok, russia
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