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"Myod (Honey)" Residential Housing

Residential building located in a residential area of Vladivostok.
The residential building is located in a residential area of Vladivostok with established, developed infrastructure.

The building consists of two different-height blocks. The studio came up with the name and interpretation of associative techniques through non-trivial images. Thus, the color of the recognizable product is read through the matte gold panels, and the structure of the honeycomb is reinterpreted in a complex volumetric pattern of cells of the facade.

The location of the house on the plot and the shaping is such that the inner courtyard faces south and is open to the sunlight, while being sheltered from the cold winds of winter. The layouts are shaped so that the windows of most apartments also face south. The stair-elevator nodes that require natural light are located in the northern part of the building.

The building has an elaborate semi-basement volume of three floors, in which there are parking lots that fully cover the need for residents’ cars. One side of the volume is completely embedded in the ground, as location of commercial space is on the other side which faces the street. The residential floors are separated from the courtyard level by public spaces.

Integration of multiple functions involve the object in the life of the neighborhood and make it self-sufficient.

The renderings were done in collaboration with O.Works.
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Vladivostok, russia
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