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"Shilkinsky, 38" Residential building

Comfortable residential building in Vladivostok
Shilkinsky residential building is located in a residential district of Vladivostok with developed social and transport infrastructure.

The work on the project started when the monolith frame of the building had already been erected. The client set a task to design an interesting, recognizable, advertising facade to distinguish the building among other housing estates.

For the building that is located in an obsolete typical housing in an abundance of visual noise a neutral white color was chosen, which creates a monolithic effect. Bright accents highlight certain planes: window jambs, curtain-wall mullions, and the upper part of the building. The framework elements of the canopy over the entrance area are bright pink. Structures for the installation of air conditioners are allocated in individual compositional elements, the perforated panels have the graphic of the Spanish artist Juan Miró. The chosen coloristic key of the building refers to his artworks.

Techniques such as monochrome background, bright accent colors, and the integration of works of art became the basis of the conceptual development of the next stages of residential development in this location. The architectural conception became the basis for the "Shilkinsky" housing estate brand formation.

As a part of the project the interior of the communal areas is designed. It is made with the predominance of bright colors transferred from the façade to the interiors. Bright turquoise, yellow and pink colors helped to make the utilitarian premises alive and cozy. Together with the IT ETIKA studio the logo, the website, and the promotional products were developed.

The project was carried out together with the companies New Architecture and Concrete Jungle.

The renderings were made in collaboration with O.Works.
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Residential building
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vladivostok, russia
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