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"Shilkinsky, 34" Residential Building

The second object in the step-by-step development of the residential area in Vladivostok.
The building is the second object in the step-by-step development of the residential area of Shilkinskaya Street in Vladivostok. Along with this object, the developer was working on the integrated development of the infrastructure of the surrounding area, which strengthened the integration of the building into the urban fabric.

This area is being developed in a consistent manner, so the previous building created nearby has to be taken into account for future development, and the groundwork for the projected facility had to be laid. The buildings to follow in the area must sit alongside one another and have a one visual key.

The main body of the building, comprising 8,048 m2 of living space, is visually divided into several volumes of varying heights, differing in color and details used. The main idea of the visual concept is a smooth morphing: the techniques and patterns incorporated in the previous building underwent minor changes, but in general they are recognizable. Adjacent volumes create a unified narrative without impairing each other's functionality.

The building includes an additional function - the possibility of placing a kindergarten. It is highlighted in the composition in a separate visual volume: metal panels with decorative elements with mother-of-pearl coating, referring to the image of water.

The building is completely self-sufficient due to the two-story underground parking and has spaces for a small store or other local businesses to be built in.

The renderings were done in collaboration with O.Works.

The implementation and landscaping concept was done by Concrete Jungle.
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Vladivostok, Russia
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