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Business-class residential buildings complex in the suburbs of Vladivostok
"Snegiri” is a business-class residential buildings complex in the suburbs of Vladivostok. The client approached the studio at the stage of preparing the design documentation, when the architectural volumes were formed. The main request was to develop modern facades and landscaping concepts which would stand out against the competition.

In the course of the collaboration, the master plan, transits, recreation areas, and parking spaces were completely redesigned. The houses had private terraces on the ground floors, windows were enlarged and a number of functional facade details were formed. Natural stone of two textures was chosen for finishing of the facades: chopped volumetric and polished. In combination with the stone, aluminum composite panels in dark gray color were used.

The grounds are designed with different age groups and leisure scenarios in mind. The project became the starting point and analog for the design of the next phases, as it included the standard of the landscaping, color-factor maps, and local recognizable techniques, which are easy to integrate.

The implementation of the landscaping concept was done in collaboration with Concrete Jungle.
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Vladivostok, Russia
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