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"Supra Romani" Restaurant

Reconstruction of a restaurant facility in Vladivostok.
This is a reconstruction of a former restaurant building created by another brand in Vladivostok. The building is located along Okeansky Avenue with a fairly busy pedestrian transit and chaotic parking on the sides of the roadway.

The ground floor level is higher than the street level, which means that the use of porches with steps was necessary, however, they are reconsidered in the design. The stepped structure is developed along the entire facade and forms the elements of the landscaping: greenery and places for seating, which do not interfere with the main sidewalk transit, but make it more comfortable and involve the designed object in a dialogue with the street. Parking spaces are streamlined by slightly widening the sidewalk. These techniques prove to be a win-win for both the restaurant business and the urban space.

Additional layers and arches have been added to the flat, pre-reconstruction facade, whose proportions and forms are chosen with respect to the street scale. Typical of restaurant fabric awnings have been added on the first floor and perforated metal awnings on the second floor to create sun protection. All these techniques make the scale of the building visitor-friendly.

Elegant color palette consists of shades of green, brown and blue with white accents. It helps project stand out against the visual noise of the street, while the object retains a connection to the identity of the Georgian house important to the restaurant's brand.

The interior was designed by Vladivostok studio LPTV DESIGN.
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vladivostok, russia
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