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"Supra seaside" Restaurant

The first restaurant in the Georgian cuisine "Supra" in Vladivostok.
The first restaurant in the Georgian cuisine "Supra" is located in the historical center of Vladivostok, on a busy pedestrian promenade. The main task was to create an architectural image, associated with the Georgian house, while organically integrated into the historical quarter of the city.

The unifying element for the connection to the context was the arch, an actively used element in Georgian architecture and also present in the neighboring Soviet-era stadium building. In this project, the arches are gathered in a three-dimensional spatial structure and form a street terrace. A reinterpreted authentic ornamentation is also used on the arches in the form of perforations. The object actively integrates greenery: an array of potted plants placed at the full height of the entrance, a fragment of rock at the entrance, and planters that limit the space of the terraces from the street.

All elements of the building were individually designed in the studio and assembled by local contractors. This project laid the visual code of architectural techniques for further growth of the Supra restaurant chain.

The interior was developed by the Vladivostok studio LPTV DESIGN.

The wooden structures of the terrace were made by Concrete Jungle.
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Vladivostok, russia
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