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"Tokyo" restaurant
in Artyom, Primorsky krai

Modern reading of traditional elements of Japanese architecture.
This object is located in the central part of Artyom, and the visibility of it from the main pedestrian transit and traffic is minimal. Given this context, it was decided to create a bright advertising facade, which is combined with the function of the summer terrace. Also, it was offered to improve the adjoining territory.

The canopy of the terrace, designed in the form of two funnel-shaped roofs, forms the main image of the restaurant. In the summer, during the long rainy season, guests can enjoy a natural waterfall. The framework of the terrace is visually airy and in the necessary places reinforced with pulls, which are also involved in the composition making it more detailed and graphic. The main entrance is a modern geometric reading of traditional elements of Japanese architecture.

The interior was designed by Vladivostok studio LPTV DESIGN.
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Artyom, primorsky krai, russia
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