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"Tokyo" Restaurant
near "Dalzavod" Bus stop

Reconstruction of a former restaurant building in Vladivostok.
This project is the reconstruction of a former restaurant building in Vladivostok. As input data, we received the already existing volume with certain articulations on the facade and dimensions. The main task was to work with proportions and scale of architectural details.

Initially the building had no connection to the main transit of the street on which it is located. First, access to the entrance was limited by lush rows of junipers and other plants, which it was decided to retain. Second, the ground floor level of the building is 1.2 meters above the level of the street. All this required very delicate work with the entrance, full of small details and

The image of the object is deliberately fairy-tale-like, yet laconic enough to be integrated into the context of the early 20th century buildings. The matte fiber-cement texture of panels on the facade evokes association with rice paper. The wooden slats covering the joints of the panels repeat the framework of the hinged facade, referring with their proportions to a traditional Japanese house.

The interior was designed by the Vladivostok studio LPTV DESIGN.

Photo by Andrei Tokarev
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vladivostok, russia
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