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Supermarket "remi"
Narodny Prospekt

Work with the existing building on the site and adding an extension for a major supermarket in Vladivostok.
The project included work with the existing building on the site and adding an extension for market space. At that moment, the project is the largest supermarket in the REMI retail chain, where people come mainly by car. This reveals the need for safe transits and distinctive image of the object that making navigation easier for visitors.

The main idea was to create an integral visual image for both parts: existing and new one, minimize visual noise, and include advertising materials in the facade elements. A matte graphite color was chosen for the existing building, including all architectural elements. The new volume attached to it interacts with the surroundings mainly through two facades. One of them is located along Narodny Prospekt with busy pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It consists of two layers: a large metal grid structure with renewable advertising planes built into it and an active yellow background formed by prefabricated sandwich panels. The choice of color is due to the need to identify a market building behind dense vegetation, and ease of navigation for car drivers.

Monolithic white color was chosen for the entrance faсade that faces the main parking lot. Finishing is perforated aluminum panels that make the surface more embossed and tactile, forming a graphic pattern. The entrance group is recessed into the body of the building and is located in the center of the transits. In front of the entrance, series of bollards and greenery separate the transits of pedestrians and parking cars.
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vladivostok, russia
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