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Supermarket "remi"

Major retail chain's supermarket facility in the historical center of Khabarovsk
The object is located in the center of the city, at the intersection of Amur Boulevard with Dzerzhinsky and Zaparin streets. A nearby building is a heritage asset built in 1904-1905. The historical context set the main reference points in this project: the formation of street-scaled volumes that actively interact with pedestrian traffic and the transfer of rhythmic patterns of the facades of existing objects and their interpretation to the new building. At the same time, the object does not become pseudo-historical, reserving the right to speak the modern architectural language.

Thus, the building of the shopping complex is divided into 3 visually independent volumes, which look like a row of houses attached to each other. The junctions between these blocks became focal points and main entrances. The coloristic key of these blocks is also the result of a dialogue with historical objects. Therefore, deep green and terracotta hues are chosen, appealing to the painted wood and brick in the historical context of the street. Windows, which are not typical for this type of retail, are actively included in the facade of the object and linked to the function inside that also makes the volume more open to the street. The utility yard is hidden inside the block without intersections with the main pedestrian transits.

The front facade overlooking the main promenade of Amursky Boulevard is formed by a number of autonomous pavilions, each of which may have its own entrance. The planning structure assumes a variable content for different economic strategies: merging into one whole supermarket or splitting it into a number of small elements of street retail and restaurants.
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Khabarovsk, russia
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