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Developing facade solutions for a residential housing in Vladivostok's uptown
The client approached the studio at the stage of preparing the design documentation, when the main architectural volumes were formed. The main task was to design realizable modern solution for facades and landscaping concepts with minimal changes to the structure of an existing project.

The complex consists of 10 separate buildings and located in the suburbs of Vladivostok on a sloped terrain with large elevation changes. During the project, the master plan, pedestrian and cars transits, recreation areas and parking spaces were refined. The number of retaining walls in landscaping has been minimized.

Also, terraces on the ground and individual roof terraces have been added to some apartments. The basement volumes filled with a public function inside are actively involved in the project. Transits to the entrance groups have been designed according to the terrain so that the stair steps are duplicated by ramps.

Windows were enlarged and a number of functional facade details were formed. The main color-texture and compositional code was invented. To finish the laconic forms, a brick of several shades was chosen with accents on the blocks of balconies combined with boxes for air conditioners finished with composite aluminum panels.
project type \\
residential building
Living area \\
22 860 m2
location \\
vladivostok, russia
Total area \\
32 800 m2
year of implementation \\
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